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Successful Marketers Agree...
... the single most important element of an email or direct mail campaign is a fresh and responsive mailing list. You must have a good offer, of course, but the list you use could make or break you. If you mail Business Opportunity, Money Making or Network Marketing offers the Paul C. Wilson lists are your key to TOP NOTCH, Hot-Line names at UNBEATABLE PRICES.

This is THE mail order mailing list of Hot-Line U.S. OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS. It contains the direct mail and email names of eager prospects who are actively seeking ways to make money. Your offer could be just what they're looking for.

Every direct mail lead is a carefully PRE-QUALIFIED opportunity seeker prospect who has inquired about or bought some type of money-making offer or opportunity WITHIN THE LAST 30 DAYS. And the email elads are available alone or with opt-in names and postal mailing addresses.

Fresh, Responsive Names from Paul C. Wilson
These leads are meticulously maintained and updated daily to assure you of the very latest names for your mailings. Paul C. Wilson stands behind his leads with the best cash guarantee in the business (see order page). Direct mail names are available with random zip codes or zip sorted. Order as few as 200 direct mail leads or as few as 1,000 email leads to try without risking a big investment.

Direct Mail Leads
200 Names - $25.00 Sale- $28
500 Names - $40.00 Sale - $48
1,000 Names - $70.00 Sale - $68
2,000 Names - $110.00 Sale - $120
5,000 Names - $150.00 Sale - $240

Up to 30,000 direct mail names available
fresh monthly. More...

Email Leads
List 1: Biz-Opp Seekers
1,000 email addresses $25.00 - Sale - $20
5,000 email addresses $95.00 - Sale - $76

List 2: Opt-In Biz-Opp Seekers
Email address plus first and last name
1,000 emails + names - $50.00 - Sale - $40
5,000 emails + names - $185 - Sale - $148

List 3: Opt-In Biz-Opp Seekers
Email address plus full name and address
1,000 emails, name, address - $75.00 - Sale - $60
5,000 emails, names, addresses - $250 - Sale - $200

Up to 100,000 emails available depending
on the list you choose. More...

Order any of the Paul C. Wilson leads online, by mail or even by fax. Learn more...

opportunity seekers mailing lists

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Direct mail leads available by email, on disk or on peel-n-stick labels.

Email leads available by email or on disk.